Aims and Scope

     Nowadays, due to the development of tourism and hotel management sciences and also the establishment of new branches of these sciences in the world, and the development of geographical tourism conditions including small villages to metropolitans and all natural landscapes, the necessity of establishing this field of study in different academic levels in universities was created. Fortunately, many students have entered the field of geography and tourism planning and tourism management, and also many professors have received academic degrees in these fields. In this regard, since revered professors and student are expected to publish their academic findings in academic journals, this journal can be introduced as one of the best and most comprehensive ones of the field.

     The main topics of the journal:

  • Urban tourism 
  • Rural tourism
  • Medical tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Geo tourism
  • Historical tourism 
  • Architectural tourism 
  • Recreational tourism
  • Educational and Instructional tourism 
  • Astronomy tourism 
  • Hotel tourism
  • Foundations  of tourism
  • Tourism Potentials
  • Economical development tourism
  • Persian Golf  tourism
  • Iran and tourism 
  • Security and tourism
  • Cultural and Religious tourism